Challenge for HM 06... TANK!

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Challenge for HM 06... TANK!

Post by firewater on Wed Jun 09, 2010 10:26 pm

(Requirements: Access to Mauville City)

A scientist leaps from his Lab, screaming in terror, as blood and burns are evident on his clothes. Hearing screams from his comrades, he tries to drown them out, before roars are heard. He then screams in irritation, as he realizes that he's lost a valued HM outside, screaming as something large smashes against the door. Eventually he stares at a large bruise on his body, and listening to the sounds outside, knows that someone is out there.

"Hello, can anyone help me?" I'm trapped in this room, and I can't escape because I don't have a Pokémon with Rock Smash with me- I need help. The door to the front of my lab is there, but there's a problem. My Pokémon have been brainwashed by something, except for one, and it's caused them to go crazy and kill people. There's about 6 of them in that place, and I need you to get to me so I can escape and get some help. However, it's not easy. I'm not sure which room they are in, they seem to move in random order. Also their names are Witch, Boomer, Spitter, Tank, Hunter, Smoker, Charger, and Jockey. The thing is that I think that something's up, because I haven't heard any of them but Tank in a while. The problem is that they've killed everyone else, and I'm scared that they will break through this door and kill me. If you and your Pokémon can grab my HM 06, and get to me, we can escape- it's just that the door locks once you open it and you can't escape. But let me explain what you are dealing with. As I'll go through my Pokémon in order. Witch is my Mawile, she's really moody, but don't make her mad or disturb her, or something will go wrong. Boomer is my Muk, don't know what's up with him but he spits up on everyone, and his poison eats through anything. Spitter, is my Dustox, but she's generally harmless, but her poison is pretty fatal as well. Tank is um... I'll get to him later. Hunter is my Absol, he isn't afraid to kill, and Smoker is my Lickitung, my first ever Pokémon. Charger and Jockey are new to me, but they are still dangerous, being a Vigoroth and Sableye...but let me get to Tank. He's my Aggron and extremely dangerous. I'm not sure what to tell you otherwise, since noone has been able to escape him, but if you can get to me, I'll give you more than just the HM 06, but just help me please!. I've also noticed that if anyone uses more than 4 Pokémon at one time, they all congregate in the area from the noise, so no more than 4 of your Pokémon can be used. Now there are 4 rooms separating me from you, with numerous passages. The issue is that I'm not sure which one, or two or 3 will be together, but I can tell you that Tank and Witch will be alone, if either appears. PLEASE HELP ME TRAINER...


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