Challenge for HM 04... Reuniting 2 lost loves.

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Challenge for HM 04... Reuniting 2 lost loves. Empty Challenge for HM 04... Reuniting 2 lost loves.

Post by firewater on Wed Jun 09, 2010 10:42 pm

Requirements (3 badges)

"Oh, I just love meeting my girlfriend in this unstable cave, why we meet on opposite sides of the most unstable part of this tunnel is beyond me...Hey, something's bothering the Whismur. STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!"

"Oh, my boyfriend is so silly, but he's so attractive. He's sort of like that dorky cousin of mine who ran away two weeks ago, but whatever... hey, what's going on there, why is that thing attacking those whismur... AHHHHHHH"

"Wait, that was Wanda, oh no, that thing is coming right at her. Alright Machop, use Strength to toss me on it, then Rock Tomb it on my mark... NOW"

"Wait, don't do it- AHH"

"Three days after a horrific accident in the tunnel behind me, rescue crews work on removing rocks surrounding the area, remnants of a massive earthquake rattles the cave. many Pokémon are seen fleeing the area, at least before a large crash looms. The once clear tunnel is once again blocked, and there isn't much anyone can do about it... It's said that the young man who is assumed dead holds an HM 04, the last remaining one in Hoenn for another 6 months. It's unclear on his condition, but as stated before, the man in question is trapped in the cave, assumed dead, as there was a large area closed off after the rock slide. This is channel 134 news, back to you Tom."


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