Specailty Challenge: Up Up AND AWAY WE GO!

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Specailty Challenge: Up Up AND AWAY WE GO! Empty Specailty Challenge: Up Up AND AWAY WE GO!

Post by firewater on Mon Jun 14, 2010 8:14 pm

(Requirements: 8 Badges)

"Well, after the stopping of Team ____ from capturing the technology needed for space tracking of extraordinary instances and extraterrestrials, we've noticed some new transmissions, and they are in Hoenn. While we need a tough trainer as backup, is because we are scientists, not Pokémon trainers, and we've reason to believe that this activity may be that of a legendary outer space Pokémon. we aren't sure of it yet, but it would be nice to have a trainer for protection, after the reports of the Mewtwo incident have been shown to the world. So simple as this, we'll transport, feed, and pay you and your Pokémon to go on our expedition. and have resources to give compensation to your family/closest living relative should something go wrong. So are you in?"

Challenge: its a secret. just know that things will not be easy. Be strong trainer, as you will need three sturdy Pokémon to protect you on this journey...


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