The Story Begins, a Team and thee.

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The Story Begins, a Team and thee.

Post by firewater on Mon Jun 14, 2010 8:25 pm

As you travel through Petalburg Woods, many things are to be found, including trainers and various types of Pokémon. At any rate, things go well on your little journey, but as you reach the end, you meet a disheveled man, who looks a bit concerned.

"Excuse me, have you seen a Shroomish around here, I really like that Pokémon. If you can give me one, I can give you something nic-"

"Well, I've gotten sick of waiting on you, jackass. but it's time to go. Give me those goods now or my Pokémon's going to smash you!"

The man cowers behind you as he notices your Pokémon.

"You look strong, help me please!"

"heh, punk, you're going to protect him- well anyone who disses Team #@*R doesn't get off lightly."

It's kind of funny to see, but the issue was that a passing Wurmple had sprayed a String Shot into the guy's face as he announced the organization he belonged to. At any rate, his uniform is simple, looks mundane and the kind you'd get at a dollar store. the difference is the color. For some reason, you can't tell whether it's dyed red or blue, a testament to the quality of the product. So which color is it.

(If you haven't figured it out, the color you pick will change the game somewhat)

(Also, you will need to complete this battle before you can leave Petalburg Forest)


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