Pokémon Sharp-Shooting Squad: Quest for Bullet Seed

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Pokémon Sharp-Shooting Squad: Quest for Bullet Seed

Post by Insidious_Dreamer on Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:23 am

When you travel along Route 204, you notice that in the distance, there are a couple of Trainers all gathered together, practicing to fire attacks with pin-point accuracy. They are making their respective Pokémon fire at targets and they just seem to never give up on getting their aim better, and better, and better! As you walk past, they issue you with a challenge! They say they will teach one of the Pokémon you are traveling with, the ability to use Bullet Seed if you manage to beat them in a sharp-shooting contest.

If you are willing to take their challenge, make mention of it the new thread you post here.

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