The Great Marsh

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The Great Marsh

Post by Gary on Wed Jun 16, 2010 6:13 pm

Welcome all, to the Great Marsh!

The Great Marsh is a giant wildlife reserve for all kinds of different Pokémon to be found in many diverse habitats. That said, different kinds of Pokémon will appear in the different areas you visit in the Great Marsh.

There are a few rules in order to participate, but they are simple enough.
1.) You may take up to three Pokémon with you into the game. The rest will be kept safely until you are finished. You need to battle the wild Pokémon in order to catch them.
2.) The game will last for a period of 50 updates. If you are already in battle when the 50th update strikes, only then may you go over the limit.
3.) When beginning a game, you must apply for entry in this thread and pay a fee of 500 PokéDollars. Please state the three Pokémon you want to bring with you and then an updator will create a game thread for you.
4.) You will be supplied with 20 Safari Balls during the game, which will be given back once you finish.
5.) You may decide to leave whenever you want before 50 updates are up if you want, but you will be forced to exit the game if you run out of Sarafi Balls first.

The above rules apply to the all of the Safari Zones, but the Great Marsh of Sinnoh is a little different! Below are two extra pieces of information specific to the Great Marsh:

You can take a train to visit each of the different regions if you want to. Taking a train to another region of can be done within one update and thus does not decrease the maximum number of updates you can use.

The Viewing Deck:
You may also choose to go upstairs before taking the Great Marsh challenge. if you do so, you will find there are six pairs of binoculars in the viewing deck. Each pair of binoculars are pointed at one of the six regions of the Great Marsh and are numbered accordingly. When you look through them, you will be able to see one of the Pokémon roaming around in that region. You might even see a rare Pokémon that is normally very rare to the area. Now, here's the most important thing to remember about using the binoculars - whichever Pokémon you do see through the binoculars for a certain area will be the only Pokémon you will meet in that area for the next Great Marsh Challenge you partake in. So, if you want to look in some or all of the binoculars, when you post to pay for the game, state the numbers (1 through 6) of the binoculars you wish to look through. Note, you will not find out which Pokémon you see until the thread is created by the updator.

Have fun!


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