With Arrogance Comes Gratitude: The Search For Shaymin

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With Arrogance Comes Gratitude: The Search For Shaymin

Post by Insidious_Dreamer on Wed Jun 16, 2010 7:13 pm

As you take a few steps into the garden of flowers, you hear a voice yell out at you. "Hey you, you aren't meant to be here! This is my garden. Get lost!" The voice is coming from a little Shaymin perched on a rock, and had it not spoken to you, you would never have even seen it, being so well camouflaged in the flowers. What you choose to do next is totally up to you. You may choose to battle with the Shaymin, but under no circumstances is this Shaymin able to be caught.

You must have at least 6 Badges under your belt before you attempt this challenge. Depending on how you handle this situation, Shaymin may choose to allow one of your Pokémon to learn Seed Bomb. There is also the possibility of receiving a Meadow Plate from it. If you wish to take on this challenge, say so in the post you make when entering the Meadow.

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