New Mauville.

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New Mauville.

Post by firewater on Wed Jun 16, 2010 7:34 pm

Requirements (5 Badges)

"hey, Jim- why is the reactor sparking?"

"don't know Kelly, couldn't tell you- OH MY GOD!"

"The Pokémon are revolting!"

"everyone out!"

"The reactor is overloading, someone contact Wattson immediately, and someone hold off these wild Pokémon before they destroy the generator. Sandshrew, Magnemite, go!"

A few seconds later, mortal combat is in full swing, as various electric Pokémon battle with the electricians and their own Pokémon. In a few minutes, screams are heard as most of the technicians flee the building, but it's not totally clear...

as screams and explosions continue to echo from within the complex.

(If you wish to challenge New Mauville, you should really post in this thread)


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