An Electric Plant Problem

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An Electric Plant Problem Empty An Electric Plant Problem

Post by firewater on Wed Jun 16, 2010 7:45 pm

Requirements: 5 Badges

Wattson stares in shock as reports and screams vibrate from his videophone, before a final message is sent.

"Listen, we stablized the generator, but all but the few in this room with me are left. The others have been driven away or killed by the Pokémon, we don't know how much we can hold on, the basic ones were easy to drive away, but it seems that in some unexplored areas in this cave, some..stronger Pokémon have come... SHIT. Sir, they are breaking in- send someone now! We need assistance now... *screams* "Elect, ELECTVIRE"

"Crap, sir, please send help soon!, Alright then, Magneton, Vibrava, GO!"

Wattson watches, and as a Magneton and Vibrava fight off an Electvire, he believes for a while, at least until the Magneton slams into the screen, destroying the phone and causing loss of visual from the scene. Wattson stares at the screen, before calling the police, and everyone he can find. At least until he finds a familiar trainer, at which he charges at you.

"HEY Kid, I reconize you- you beat my gym. Well, you see, the power plant is being overrun, and there are still some workers trapped inside, some are already dead, or assumed to be, and the electrc Pokémon are going berzerk. I don't know what to do, but I need the reactor secured, and the generator cut off so we can leave that place. We are fine for power, but if that generator explodes, we will have some really big problems if we can't disable it before we transfer the city to 100% of the new power plant, we can risk loss of the entire city. So I'll reward you handsomely if you can rescue the men, and disable the generator. What do you say?


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