Turnback Cave: The Search for Giratina

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Turnback Cave: The Search for Giratina

Post by Insidious_Dreamer on Wed Jun 16, 2010 8:34 pm

As you wander into the Springs, you notice that if you can make it down that really steep cliff, you will be able to enter a Cave in the bottom of the Spring. This Cave is known as Turnback Cave and once inside you will be faced with a puzzle when you enter it. Since once inside, you will have no way of telling which is the entrance you just walked through and which is the exit. Hidden somewhere inside here is a Pokémon that you may be able to meet if you manage to navigate correctly through the cave, i.e. making it to the third room with a pillar in it. Each time the Cave is entered the direction you will need to travel is different, making this challenge unique to every challenger who takes it on. If you end up seeing the third pillar, it will turn a weird colour and Giratina will appear from it, having used it as a portal from the Reverse world. What you choose to do next is totally up to you. You may choose to battle with the Giratina, but under no circumstances is this Giratina able to be caught.

You must have access to Rock Climb and be able to use it outside of battle before you attempt this challenge. Depending on how you handle this situation, Giratina may choose to give you a Reaper Cloth for your efforts. There is also the possibility of receiving a Spooky Plate from it. If you wish to take on this challenge, post a new thread here.

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