A Slick Man-Made Device: Quest For the Up-Grade

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A Slick Man-Made Device: Quest For the Up-Grade

Post by Insidious_Dreamer on Mon Jun 21, 2010 12:51 am

Rumour has it that, lurking around the black building in Eterna City, you might find a secret chamber hidden in the back of the building. Once you've found the chamber, you might be able to find a way into the chamber. Once inside, you might meet a Porygon 2. It is said to stand in you rode, preventing you from accessing the very item that it used to evolve itself. Of course, the rumour goes on to say that if you can beat this Porygon 2 in battle, you'll be able to win its trust and it might give in to you and decide to give you access to an Up-Grade. But, this is all a rumour, right?

You must have access to both HM 01 Cut and HM 04 Strength in order to attempt this quest. Should you defeat the Porygon 2, you will receive an Up-Grade. You may also receive a Pokémon Egg as well. If you wish to attempt this quest, please say so when entering the Building. Note: Under no circumstances is the Porygon 2 able to be captured.

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