The Mark of the Elders: Quest For the Razor Claw

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The Mark of the Elders: Quest For the Razor Claw Empty The Mark of the Elders: Quest For the Razor Claw

Post by Insidious_Dreamer on Mon Jun 21, 2010 2:19 am

If you manage to work your way to the top of the mountain path that is Victory Road, you will find an area that is outside and very chilly, with a view that includes Sunyshore City, Spear Pillar and Canalave City as well. But, this view isn't going to last long because there is a very territorial Weavile lurking around this area and he has been here for centuries, or so the story goes. In the world of Sneasel and Weavile, there is a legend of the elder Weavile, from who's claws the Razor Claws are fashioned. And it is with the power of the elder Weavile that a Sneasel may themselves become a Weavile. As a result there is a small family of very old Sneasel that live in the area as well. The elder Weavile protects them with his heart and Claws.

You must have access to both HM 04 Strength and HM 08 Rock Climb in order to attempt this quest. Should you defeat the Weavile, you will receive an Razor Claw. You may also receive a Pokémon Egg as well. If you wish to attempt this quest, please say so when entering the Road. Note: Under no circumstances is the Weavile able to be captured.

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