The Sign of the Elders: Quest For the Razor Fang

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The Sign of the Elders: Quest For the Razor Fang Empty The Sign of the Elders: Quest For the Razor Fang

Post by Insidious_Dreamer on Mon Jun 21, 2010 2:28 am

The winds from the desert up ahead funnel right down the valley and have become a natural breeding ground for Gliscor and Gligar. It has become well-known within that community that the Elder Gliscor lives in this area and is very noticeable by the tattered and torn wings he bears. It is also well-known that it is from his mouth that the Razor Fang is produced. Thus many Gligar come here to train and learn from the old Gliscor in order to attain enough respect for they themselves to finally be able to evolve into Gliscor. Also, the respect that comes with being able to fly when your wings are so battered is massive. If you manage to find this Elder Gliscor, he is always ready for new challengers and will protect his family and draft-users with his heart and fangs. The only challenge is being able to get up to his lair where the fight will take place.

You must have access to both HM 02 Fly and HM 08 Rock Climb in order to attempt this quest. Should you defeat the Gliscor, you will receive an Razor Fang. You may also receive a Pokémon Egg as well. If you wish to attempt this quest, please say so when entering the Route. Note: Under no circumstances is the Gliscor able to be captured.

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