A Shield in the Desert: Quest For the Protector

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A Shield in the Desert: Quest For the Protector Empty A Shield in the Desert: Quest For the Protector

Post by Insidious_Dreamer on Mon Jun 21, 2010 2:33 am

Rumour has it that within the dusty, desert Route there is a cave. Inside the cave there is a Rhyperior protecting his family of Rhydon and Rhyhorn. He is massively strong and stands daily at the front of the cave to protect his family from the desert winds. If you manage to find him in your travels, noting that no-one has managed to find and document it, it is foretold that you can battle him. Be prepared for this guy is known to be tough as hewn-stone. Of course, finding the cave in the first place isn't going to be easy, seeing as it is well away from the known path through this route.

You must have access to both HM 05 Defog and HM 08 Rock Climb in order to attempt this quest. Should you defeat the Rhyperior, you will receive an Protector. You may also receive a Pokémon Egg as well. If you wish to attempt this quest, please say so when entering the Route. Note: Under no circumstances is the Rhyperior able to be captured.

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