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Invasion Times... Empty Invasion Times...

Post by firewater on Tue Jun 22, 2010 7:00 pm

(Requirements: Surf, 6 Badges, Mt. Pyre must be completed beforehand)

Slipping out of the water, you sigh in relief and hide behind a boulder as some Team Aqua grunts walk by. Knowing that Captain Stern is expecting you to at least find his Submarine, much less any way to stop these guys. At any rate, it's clear that you have to sneak through the passages and cave like existence of the area before you can find the Sub and Archie. The thing is that you don't have enough time to heal once you enter, as you are sure that the entire Team Aqua knows that you are here from the instant you entered, so you've got to go. However, you have heard from whispers of defeated Aqua goons that there are some treasures inside to be found... at any rate, stealth is needed, or you'll be in more battles than you can deal with.

So are you ready to find the Submarine?


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