Elite 4 Member Sidney: A Dark Master

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Elite 4 Member Sidney: A Dark Master

Post by firewater on Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:09 pm

the young man grins as he relaxes, statues of various dark Pokémon surrounding the arena as he begins to speak.

"hey kid, welcome to the Elite 4. Hopefully your challenge doesn't end with me, but here's the thing. I own 5 Pokémon that you must defeat, and since i've traveled the world, or at least the main regions known to us, so I own many powerful and exotic dark types. But anyway, good luck to you trainer, and we will begin. I like to reward people, so if you win, I've got something nice for you."

Elite 4 Member Sidney:


Shiftry Lv.52
Crawdaunt Lv.53
Tyranitar Lv.55
Honchkrow Lv.54
Absol Lv.56

Reward: Defeating Sidney nets you 5000 PokéDollars, and a pair of Dark Pulse TMs.


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