Elite 4 Member Phoebe: Ghostly Mistress

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Elite 4 Member Phoebe: Ghostly Mistress

Post by firewater on Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:15 pm

The room seems to appear like a graveyard, but nothing moves but the dust in the wind... Suddenly an attractive young woman appears, with a small Gastly by her side.

"Well, I see that you've defeated Sidney. Not bad trainer. I've also heard from my grandparents on Mt.Pyre that you managed to get back the orb that those idiots stole from them. Good job there as well. But anyway, I'm here and I'm ready with my Ghost types. This Gastly is simply my pet, and he doesn't battle. However, I've got 5 powerful Pokémon that you'll need to defeat to move on. So I wish you the best of luck trainer."

Elite 4 Member Phoebe:

Sableye Lv.53
Banette Lv.54
Gengar Lv. 56
Mismagius Lv.55
Dusknoir Lv.57

Defeating Phoebe gains you 5000 PokéDollars, and a Shadow Ball and Shadow Claw TM set.


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