A strange Reunion, Steven shows Steel's rock hard power!

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A strange Reunion, Steven shows Steel's rock hard power!

Post by firewater on Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:36 pm

Walking into the final arena, you are surprised to see multiple cameras erected in the cave, which has surprisingly good lighting. You also appear surprised at the person who stands on the other end, though he isn't surprised at seeing you.

"well, hello again, this is the third time we've met I assume. I met you once in Dewford Cave, we traded, I a valuable Steel Wing TM, while you sent me a letter from my dear father. Again, in Mossdeep we met, and again traded services. Myself, I paid you with a Dive HM, and you repaid me by aiding me in rescuing the Space Center from those assholes from some team, I forget now. And the fourth time we met just before you defeated a powerful Legendary Pokémon. And now you know who I am. I am indeed the Champion of Hoenn, Steven Stone- and trainer, I know your capabilities, so show no mercy and expect none. Enguarde!"

Pokémon Champion Steven:


Armaldo Lv.59
Cradily Lv.60
Metagross Lv.65
Lucario Lv.63
Scizor Lv.62
Magnezone Lv.61

Defeating Steven gives you the Championship honor of Hoenn, 10000 PokéDollars, and the TM's of Flash Cannon and Iron Tail for your troubles.


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