Dewford Caves: To deliver a package

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Dewford Caves: To deliver a package Empty Dewford Caves: To deliver a package

Post by firewater on Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:47 pm

Requirements: Access to Dewford Town: Cannot leave Dewford before this is completed.

Things are quiet, the first level is lit, and a rotund Hiker meets up with you as you enter.

"Hey there, you're new- I'd guess I need to give you this TM. Take as many as you like, you see- the developers have been too lazy to put lights down below, and if you go without this Flash TM, life will be hard for you. It's a well known secret, but if you go down far enough it's said that ice caverns are found, and a rare Pokémon can be seen. However, you look too weak for that, so that will be later. Anyway, the guy you're looking for, Steven is on the 3rd floor down, but even that's easy for a rookie trainer to get to."

Thanking the Hiker, you take a full compliment of 6 Flash TM's, which he happily gives you as you begin your journey.


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