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Post by Insidious_Dreamer on Wed Jun 23, 2010 1:47 am

These people seem to like doing this all the time. They take people away from where they are supposed to be and hold them hostage as they supposedly have information that is worthy to their cause. This time, you can see a woman with purple hair, heckling with Rad Rickshaw, the bicycles man, on the fourth floor of the building. If you want to reach the fourth floor, you will have to go through Grunts that are wearing the same get-up as that weird lady from the Windworks.

The Grunts will have two of the four of these Pokémon:
Stunky Lv. 17
Zubat Lv. 17
Rattata Lv. 17
Bronzor Lv. 15

When you reach the fourth floor, the weird woman will simple stop and turn to face you. Her team is as follows:
Zubat Lv. 18
Skuntank Lv. 20

If you wish to obtain a Bicycle, you will have to first save Rad from the clutches of this woman first.

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