A Bee in a Bonnet: Quest for Payback

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A Bee in a Bonnet: Quest for Payback Empty A Bee in a Bonnet: Quest for Payback

Post by Insidious_Dreamer on Wed Jun 23, 2010 8:22 pm

As you travel through the Route, you will notice a man walking around and whistling to himself as if he is trying to hide something. He sees you and motions for you to come towards him.

"Hey, just the person I've been looking for - someone my wife doesn't know. If you could do me a big favour, and whisk her up onto the side of Mt. Coronet, up that steep and rocky path, that would be lovely. She'll never suspect it coming, it's be the best practical joke ever! Once she's up there, you will need to place this hat on her head. Can you do this for me?"

Seems simple enough, he will even give you the Payback TM should you complete this task successfully. You will need access to HM 08 Rock Climb to complete it, but when you are ready to attempt the quest, just say so as you enter the Route.

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