Clearing the Fog: Quest for Shadow Ball

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Clearing the Fog: Quest for Shadow Ball

Post by Insidious_Dreamer on Wed Jun 23, 2010 11:44 pm

Of course, once making it passed the Psyduck who just seem to immovable as they won't call any other place home, a thick fog sets in as you walk further north. In fact, if you do not have access to the Defog, otherwise known as HM 05 in this region, you will it extremely difficult to navigate through this area. Once the fog clears, you will feel as if you have achieved nothing much as you are now prevented from going any further by two warring families of Pokémon. On one side, you have a group of Mime Jr. and on the other, a group of Bonsly. The two are making it absolutely impossible for you to continue. But just at this point, you spy one of the Bonsly holding a TM. If you had brushed up on your TM knowledge, you would be able to recognise that this is Shadow Ball. Man, if you could get your hands on that, it would be amazing.

You must have access to HM 05 Defog in order to attempt this challenge and you must complete this challenge in order to progress further in this Route. This will happen soon after you complete the first challenge in this route.

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