Searching in A Fog: Quest for HM 05

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Searching in A Fog: Quest for HM 05 Empty Searching in A Fog: Quest for HM 05

Post by Insidious_Dreamer on Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:42 am

Outside a large Greenhouse-like structure within Pastoria City, you will find a woman who waits for you. But it's what inside the structure that bemuses you, it's like a really dense, thick fog. When you don't move, still staring at the weird structure, she beckons you. Once you get close enough she begins to talk.

"Well hello there. You might find this to be a little daunting when first looking at it, but it is nothing more than a very large see-through tent that we have constructed over the forest here in order to create new type of challenge. This is what we call Pokémon Rougaining. The challenge is very simple. All you have to do is venture into the defined area, and find 6 differently coloured ribbons. They will be in very different places. The catch, you must have 6 Pokémon on you when you go in, and you can only those Pokémon to collect the ribbons. Once one Pokémon has a ribbon, it can no longer participate in the challenge, so think carefully about who you pick to collect each ribbon and when. However, there is nothing stopping your Pokémon from cooperating when obtaining a ribbon as long as they themselves haven't yet collected a ribbon. If you manage to collect all six ribbons, we'll give you HM 05 Defog. So are you ready for the challenge?"

When you are ready to take on this challenge, reply to this thread and wait for a moderator to accept your entry and post up the challenge thread.

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