Battle Tactics: Quest for Toxic/Swagger

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Battle Tactics: Quest for Toxic/Swagger

Post by Insidious_Dreamer on Thu Jun 24, 2010 6:43 pm

Traveling through the swampy ground, you might see a couple of Finneon appear from the mud. Now, that's odd, you might think as Finneon aren't meant to be able to 'swim' on land. You are curious and move closer. What you find, is that these Finneon belong to trainers. And they seem to be making their Finneon dive into and out of the mud pools here. You venture across to them to ask why.

"Oh yeah, don't you know? It's simple. These pools are known for their extreme toxicity and by making our Finneon dive through here, they will get used to the poison and take some on in their system. After that, we are going to teach them how to spit it back out as Toxic. Wanna join in?"

The offer is there, and there is nothing needed in order to attempt this challenge, so if you wish to, say so as you enter the Route.

Much further passed the lake, there is a very obvious lady walking around. She seems so out of place due to the beautiful clothing she is wearing. You walk over to her to ask why she is out and about in such dainty clothes.

"Ah yes, my sweet-pea. This is very simple. You see, I live just across the way in that big ol' mansion and can't stand the fact that every day I feel so claustrophobic inside it, so here I am outside and enjoying it. Mind you, now that we are chatting, may I ask if you are a Pokémon Trainer?"

She seems to want to battle with you and goes on to say that she will give you a special TM if you win. There is nothing required for you to battle her, and so if you would like to, say so as you enter the Route.

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