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Post by Insidious_Dreamer on Thu Jun 24, 2010 7:51 pm

Just as you were gearing up to fight in a new Gym, you enter the beautiful Harbortown and find your self staring at Lucas, the one you met quite a while ago as you began your journey. He stops, surprised to see you here.

"Why hello, once again! It is such a surprise to see you here. And now that we have bumped into each other, I reckon this is the perfect opportunity to have a little battle before we challenge the Mine Gym, what say you?"

And indeed it is a perfect opportunity to have a fight, so off it is to Iron Island for the fight to take place. Luca's Team is as follows:
Grotle Lv. 30
Staravia Lv. 28
Ponyta Lv. 28
Buizel Lv. 26

You make your preparations and get on the boat with Lucas, talking about you journeys you have had since you have seen each other last, making the ride to Iron Island seem like it took only a few seconds. You do not have to post in the harbor to get to Iron Island, you may just post first in the Island when you are ready for the battle.

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