Making or Breaking the Chain

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Making or Breaking the Chain Empty Making or Breaking the Chain

Post by Insidious_Dreamer on Thu Jun 24, 2010 9:20 pm

After you have seen Team Galactic steal the Lake Guardians, they will bring them back here in order to test their theory about how the Red Chain works. They are going to make sure that no-one can get inside other than members of Team Galactic, so its seems your out of luck. But if you manage to be able t get inside, you will end up meeting the three Admins in succession and their teams are as follows:

Bronzor Lv. 33
Golbat Lv. 33
Purugly Lv. 36

Bronzor Lv. 35
Golbat LV. 35
Skuntank Lv. 38

Kadabra Lv. 37
Bronzor Lv. 37
Toxicroak Lv. 40

You will not be able to complete this quest without having completed "Emotion on Mars" or "Willpower on Saturn", and "Knowledge on Jupiter". Defeating all of the Admins will see them run away, dropping a TM each - the Snatch, Sludge Bomb and Frustration TMs.

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