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Mt.Pyre Empty Mt.Pyre

Post by firewater on Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:15 pm

(Prerequisites: 6 badges)

A haven for Ghost Pokémon, spirits and the deceased, Mt.Pyre is a time honored place, with much mystery and peace around it's area. However, all is not peaceful, as to travel the cemetery and its many levels leads to a great prize. However, many Pokémon trainers are around at any given time, and are ready to battle at any notice.Trainers who make it to the top of Mt.Pyre's inside are granted access to the exterior, which apparently has been invaded by some thugs. now, it's not said who is doing the invaiding, just that it appears that none of the trainers are strong enough to protect the top, where the Blue and Red orbs lie, and powerful Pokémon lie in wait, along with the mysterious trainers.

(Post to make your challenge)


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