Obstacles in the Road: Quest for Stone Edge/Torment

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Obstacles in the Road: Quest for Stone Edge/Torment Empty Obstacles in the Road: Quest for Stone Edge/Torment

Post by Insidious_Dreamer on Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:50 pm

The local Graveler in the area are not to be messed with. Seriously, you may get thrown right out of Victory Road by one of them, and not through the normal entrance either - they are known to make their own entrances when needed. They normally make these new entrances with the help of a move known as Stone Edge. So, feel free to take them on, if you dare, but you should know, they are highly competitive.

If you wish to take on this challenge, say so as you enter the Road.

Deeper into the cave, you may find a throng of Gengar and Haunter. And they are known to be jesters. They try to play jokes on the passers by, all the time and it's becoming rather widely known. And their most famous trick is to Torment them while they are walking. You can choose to skirt around the area that they are found in, but you'll not get the opportunity for them to teach one of your Pokémon Torment.

If you wish to tackle the group, say so when you enter the Road.

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