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Abandoned Ship... Empty Abandoned Ship...

Post by firewater on Fri Jun 25, 2010 11:13 pm

Prerequisites: (5 badges, Surf, Pokémon Lv.30+)

"It's been said that long ago, a young captain and his crew were lost on the route between Slateport and Dewford in a terrible storm, not only were the seas stormy, many wild Pokémon attacked the boat, and supposedly nearly all of the crew was lost. It was said that from a survivor, that the captain had stayed with his ship, and he and his Wingull, and Staryu fought off the rampaging Pokémon so the others could escape. Later, a large rescue team had moved to the vessel, only to find little more than the captain's hat, a feather, and a chunk of purple material, assumed to be of a Starmie. Noone could understand just where the man had gone, so delivering these few things to the captain's widow, the incident was forgotten. However, for some reason, noises were heard on the ship, screams, roars of battle and curses, and as many trainers explored the ship, raiding it for supplies, it appeared that it was empty. At least until some trainers began to dissapear. All that would be found would be either the trainer's hat, or some hair, along with some fur, feathers or scales from their Pokémon. Still, noone knows what the deal is, other than the wife of the dead sailor has been standing on Slateport's shores recently, speaking when she thinks that no one can hear. However, some have heard the words and yet no one has figured out the riddle, only that those trainers who utter those words are the ones that vanish..."

Anyway, kid, that's all I know- here's the scrap of paper that someone gave me, I've read those words countless times, but I've never gone on that ship or said them out loud. I know that legend is real, because the old lady's still on Slateport, waiting on the beach every day, the same as she's done the last 25 years. ten hours a day she does it too. Either way, cool battle, and here's that passage!"

You stare at the paper as a sailor rushes by you, and begin to read the words.

"No couple doomed in history can feel the woe that belongs to me. It's said that Romeo and Juliet were cursed lovers, well I say that Lenore and Timothy were worse. Never should I have let my husband go out on those stormy seas, after he angered that strange woman. I don't know what I have done for such a man, but I know that he told me that, when the stone on the desk stops glowing blue, than things are to get worse. However, when I vanish on the stormy seas, wait for me 25 years. A powerful trainer will return me to you. Rid of all demons and things that plague me. This trainer shall have use of this rock, though I do not..."


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