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Route 127 Description Empty Route 127 Description

Post by firewater on Fri Jun 25, 2010 11:39 pm

Pretty much, there's water, water and more water. There are small islands, and trainers, and deep water to Dive in (with proper equipment), where you can find treasures. Either way, nothing truly changes except for the weather, and trainers.

Your first time traveling is a bit rushed, as Mr.Briney runs his ship like a madman. so you really miss a lot of things. I can tell you though, that when the conditions are right... it's heard that certain Pokémon, undetermined at this point, surf the waves. It appears that they've come from somewhere far away, but they are quite powerful. I've heard that it's been a while since they've shown up, and they only do so to worthy trainers, who battle from the backs of their noble Pokémon. Not to mention the massive dome that is Sootopolis City is right in the middle. But you kind of need DIve to get there.

But pretty much, if it swims, and is not a legendary or starter Pokémon, you'll find it in the ocean. just some things are far, far rarer than others...


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