Finale, Unlocking an entire can of destroying the world!

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Finale, Unlocking an entire can of destroying the world!

Post by firewater on Fri Jun 25, 2010 11:54 pm

(prerequisites: Dive, Surf, Strength, Rock Smash, 7 Badges, Red or Blue Orb)
After swimming for a long time, a cavern is found with a very familiar submarine with it, and a different one nearby. Either way, once resurfacing in the cavern, you've found dozens of Team Aqua and Magma members charging everywhere, searching for something. Needless to say, if you've gotten a certain item (you should have), then you are led to a chamber where a mythic beast awaits. Now, we can't say much as to what you will find, but that there are many annoying Aqua and Magma trainers to kill, and that a final battle with both Maxie and Archie is inediable. Either way, there are a few treasures, but the main point is to discover this chamber before your enemies do!.

Enemies: Various Team Magma and Aqua members, Pokémon Levels: 30-40

Team Magma Leader Maxie
Camerupt Lv.45
Crobat Lv..40
Houndoom Lv.43
Vileplume Lv. 42
Golem Lv.41

Team Aqua Leader Archie
Crawdaunt Lv.45
Honchkrow Lv.40
Quagsire Lv.43
Electavire Lv.42
Mightyena Lv.41

There is no turning back once entering, all I can say to you is good luck, and expect at least 7 battles before the big guys. Another note. Whoever you did not battle on Mt.Chimney, you will battle here first.


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