Description of Route 104 (South)

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Description of Route 104 (South)

Post by firewater on Sun Jun 27, 2010 4:35 pm

a large hill separates this area from Petalburg, but for the most part, it's hot and dry close to the shoreline, and a bit cooler the closer you get to Petalburg Forest. As thus, there are many Pokémon available in this area, as well as some fishermen and trainers to fight, more are closer to Petalburg Forest however. The main attraction is Mr. Briney's house, which has the largest ship on the lot, and it's said that the old man has a powerful Pokémon. The problem is for those nautical travelers is that it's unknown when he'll be around, and just what his mood will be when he is around... But in all, this is the most active route you, as a trainer will have been on if this is your first journey...


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