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Daycare Center

Post by Gary on Mon Jun 07, 2010 8:06 pm

Hello, and welcome to the Pokémon Daycare Center, run by a nice elderly couple who lives in Solaceon Town. They may take up to two of your Pokémon at a time, and they will look after them while you are off on your travels. Sometimes they might even lay an egg, if they are compatible.

There are a few guidelines to dropping off Pokémon here:
1.) You may drop off up to two Pokémon at a time.
2.) If your Pokémon are of opposite genders, and are in the same Egg Group, they may lay an egg after a random period of time.
3.) Like in the games, a lain egg will hatch to be the species of the female, and may have moves in the species’ Egg Moves list if the male knows those moves as well. Also, moves that both parents have in common that they have learned will be passed on to the baby.
4.) A Pokémon may level-up after an extended period of time.
5.) If specified by both trainers, two Pokémon from two different trainers may be dropped off together to breed. However, they must work out who gets to keep the egg on their own, if one is laid.
6.) Cost for dropping off a Pokémon is $100 per Pokémon dropped off.

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