finding the lab laughs all the way

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finding the lab laughs all the way

Post by riolu96 on Sun Oct 10, 2010 4:00 pm

Amidst the sandy ground and the clumps of trees that you can find everywhere in Sandgem Town, among the smell of the salty air, the sweet tree sap and at certain times of the day, the beautiful smell of a home-cooked meal, you will find, nestled in the forested area, a beautiful tall and white building, which has all the tailing and expected majesty of a Pokémon Professor's Laboratory. The grounds around the lab are so well-kept you would expect the grass alone around this place is looked after by about seven people. The beautifully round shrubs and many a white pebble stone line entrance to this grand place. What lies inside, is something your heart desires most as a young trainer on a journey. Come inside and receive what's waiting for you...

"Huh so this is sandgem town". Rio says with a smile on his face still holding back laughs at barrys faceplant into the floor.

"Yeah" Barry says "i bet i can get to the lab before you can" he continues.

"Yeah well try this" Rio says shooting of to the lab before Barry can even catch his breath

"Ok then you want to play like that then do ya" Barry says charging at full speed towards Rio

"Barry you wil never be able to catch up to me" Rio says grinding to a halt right outside the pathway to the lab


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