Challenging Gym Leader Roxanne? Good Luck, you'll need it.

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Challenging Gym Leader Roxanne? Good Luck, you'll need it. Empty Challenging Gym Leader Roxanne? Good Luck, you'll need it.

Post by firewater on Tue Jun 08, 2010 6:55 pm

*Before we start, just post here that you want to attempt the gym, then make your thread*

Regardless, here we go!

At the Rustboro Gym, all that is known is that the gym is of the Rock Type, and that its leader, Roxanne is a high challenge for simple rookie trainers. However, before you battle the Gym Leader, you must battle her gym trainer, so before I explain further, here's the trainer.

Gym Trainer Bill:

Pokémon Used:
Geodude Lv.10
Aron Lv. 11

However, before you can fight the gym leader, you have to solve the gym Puzzle. How it works is simple. There is a long pathway, made entirely out of stones. What the trainer and the three Pokémon with him must do is navigate the stones as quickly as possible. However, while it seems simple, it isn't as for every not-safe stone the trainer steps on, his or her Pokémon take Stealth Rock damage from the traps triggered. There are also other nasty effects that occur from different panels, but the gym leader will explain those by the challenge. The final notice is that once the trainer and their Pokémon cross the Rock passage, they are immediately thrust into battle with Gym Leader Roxanne.
Other effects include being hit by Rock Throws, various powders, confusion, blindness and potential death.
Rock Puzzle

Before the arena is described, here is the team expectant trainers will have to face from Roxanne in their three versus three battle.

Nosepass Lv.15
Geodude Lv. 13
Anorith Lv.14

Now the arena.

The Rustboro Gym is a massive rock field, it's all dirt and rocks, no grass or any way for any non artificial light or water to get into the arena. Meanwhile, the ground is very malleable, though non Rock/Steel/Ground types still will have difficulty digging into the ground. It also is very warm, weakening Water attacks by a reasonable, but not broken amount. Meanwhile, there are various Rock Pillars situated around the arena, slightly larger than a Nosepass in size, or large enough to hide a Nosepass easily. The rock also has slight magnetic pulls, which while it does not affect Roxanne's Pokémon, due to their training in that environment, will cause for slight accuracy problems with steel typed moves. At any rate, this battle arena is simply not a easy one to be victorious in, god forbid you took considerable damage in the gym puzzle. Anyway, up to 3 Pokémon may be used, to be substituted at any time.

If they are victorious, they will recieve 2000 PokéDollars, the Stone Badge, and the use of the TM of Rock Tomb. Also, HM 01, Cut is available for use outside of battle.


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