Mauville City Gym...get Shocked!

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Mauville City Gym...get Shocked! Empty Mauville City Gym...get Shocked!

Post by firewater on Tue Jun 08, 2010 8:11 pm know the drill, post here, and make the thread....

Anyway, what's strange about this gym is that there is no trainers. it's simply the gym leader and his, well puzzle. You see, in this gym, Wattson's done so much to the floor, that it's stuck on the acceleration pedal, and isn't going to stop any time soon. You see, Wattson wanted to test the speed of his opponents, and that's what he's done here. What happens is that the trainer, along with the 4 pokemon that will be used, has to figure out the location of a single key. However, why the pokemon are here is for another reason. There are 9 trash cans. for this challenge only, the pokemon have to use their attacks to prevent small Spark attacks from hitting the trainer as he or she attempts to find the switch to turn the machine off, and reveal Wattson and his gym. However, the problem is that the longer it takes the trainer to pick the right can, or aka the trainer picks the wrong can a few times.... the pokemon feel the pain, through a series of electric shocks (or blasts of water for ground types), that increases in strength and length of time through each incorrect guess. However, Wattson does give the trainer one clue, but he must be asked to do this.

Once the challenge is completed, the battle begins, with a four versus four format, the challenger is able to switch, but Wattson is not, and the only pokemon allowed are the four used in the challenge. anyway, the gym is simple to describe. It's an impenetrable steel floor, with many electrodes (not the pokemon) stationed throughout, which deliver painful shocks to all pokemon that are not Ground or Electric typed.

but enough of that, here's Wattson's team.

Team Wattson:

Manelectric Lv.25
Magneton Lv.26
Electrode Lv.24
Pikachu Lv.23

victorious trainers gain the Dynamo Badge, as well as 2500 Pokedollars. They also gain the ability to use HM 06, Rock Smash outside of battle, and a TM of Shock Wave.


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