Lavaridge Gym: It's a freaking Sauna in here!

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Lavaridge Gym: It's a freaking Sauna in here!

Post by firewater on Wed Jun 09, 2010 6:25 pm

(you know the drill, post here if you want to challenge Flannery, then make the thread(
The Lavaridge Gym. the heat causes delusion and confusion among those unacustomed to its heat...namely new trainers. Now, due to the extrme heat, Flannery feels that it's enough of a challenge, so instead of a Gym Puzzle, expecting Trainers simply have to go through three trainers before battling Flannery herself. Those three trainers are...

Gym Trainer Max
Numel Lv.25

Gym Trainer Blaze
Slugma Lv.24
Vulpix Lv.24

Gym Trainer Ignatio
Pokémon: (Double Battle)
Combusken Lv.26
Charmeleon Lv.25

You are allowed to heal between battles, but once all three are defeated, you are thrust into battle with Flannery.

Simple battle, simple field.

Gym Leader Flannery:
Magcargo Lv.28
Torkoal Lv.30
Houndour Lv.27

The arena is in the sunlight, but the issue is that the humidity is so high that no rain or water can change the temperature, Sunny Day only increases the heat index, and Sandstorm is the only plausible option, seeing as the ground is a mix of solid rock and sand, making it incredibly difficult for Pokémon to Dig through easily. Also, steam blanches through the arena, weakening Water attacks and making Rock and Ground types uncomfortable as well.

Regarless of the field's limitations, things are still a difficult battle. Victorious trainers are awarded the Heat Badge, 2500 PokéDollars, and the Overheat TM. Their Pokémon can also use HM 04, Strength outside of battle


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