Mossdeep City, home of Psychic mind control...

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Mossdeep City, home of Psychic mind control... Empty Mossdeep City, home of Psychic mind control...

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(remember to post that you want to fight here, then make the thread)
In the Mossdeep gym, the fact is that there's only 2 trainers to deal with. However, after these Gym Trainers battle you, the trainer him or herself must deal with the gym challenge. But first, here are the gym trainers.

Gym Trainer Zachariah

Gallade Lv.40
Kadabra Lv.38
Gardevior Lv.39
Grumpig Lv.38

Gym Trainer Marucia
Metang Lv.37
Claydol Lv.38

After defeating these two, the trainer must step into a realm of Psychic control. What I mean is that there is a simple room between the trainer and the gym leaders. However, the difference is that the trainer must deal with a few illusions, in order to find out where the door is. This phase is very brief, but can drain the trainer immensely. Also, trainers are under a time limit. If they cannot complete the challenge in time, then they have to restart the entire gym challenge over, sans battling the gym trainers. After completing this task, you meet with Lisa and Tate, gym leaders of the Mossdeep gym.

Gym Leaders Lisa & Tate

Medicham Lv.43
Xatu Lv.42
Solrock Lv.45
Lunatone Lv.45

The arena is a simple clay arena with a few rocks scattered throughout. However, the lights reveal foresight rays that make all ghost Pokémon visible.
in a double battle, these two are immensely capable, and it will take all of your skills to defeat them. Victorious trainers receive the Mind Badge, 4000 pokedollars, the TM for Calm Mind, and the ability to use HM 07, Waterfall outside of battle.


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