Challenge for HM 01... CHOP...CHOP...CHOP...AHHGGGHHH

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Challenge for HM 01... CHOP...CHOP...CHOP...AHHGGGHHH

Post by firewater on Wed Jun 09, 2010 10:25 pm

15 years ago...



Present day.

"and that's why Grandpa has a wooden hand now dear, and why we can't do a thing about it- Billy? Billy, where are you? Dad, Dad... what are you doing with that knife, and those PokéBalls...and BILLY... NO, DON'T HIT HIM WITH THAT...AHHHHHHGGGHHH...."

And that's the story of the day, police have yet to find the elderly gentleman, who's armed with a large butcher knife and a few strong Pokémon. Trainers in the vincinity beware. However, it appears that he only is searching for trainers with the Stone Badge for some reason. Either way, be on the lookout, it's reported that trainers who have suffered attacks have found that he owns a Grovyle and Vigoroth, and is prone to attack at any time. He is armed and dangerous, he also is slightly deranged. If you do not have Pokémon to protect you, or are with the elderly, infirm or young children, proceed with caution, and alert authorities or Roxanne as soon as possible. It is also reported that he has a small boy with him, whom he seems to care for deeply. The boy's mother is in the hospital with minor injuries, and it is imperiative that the boy is returned. This individual wears a well worn Ship Captain's uniform, all white except for various dribbles of vomit on it. it's also reported that a rare collection of first edition Hidden Machines #1, Cut has been stolen as well...

*RP'ers, this isn't optional, but will occur randomly either before or after Roxanne is defeated.*


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