Looking For a Water Stone?

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Looking For a Water Stone?

Post by Insidious_Dreamer on Thu Jun 17, 2010 9:59 pm

Well look no further! There is one gleaming on the shore of the rocky outcrop just offshore to the south of this Route. You can't believe your luck and throw a PokéBall into the ocean, revealing the Pokémon that can use Surf, jump on its back and make you way across to the outcrop. However, just as you reach out your hand to retrieve the Stone, you are thrown from your mount and onto the rocks by the combined Sonicbooms of three Buizel. When you come to, they have already subdued your surfing friend, and it you are for the moment stuck on the island. You make a break for it and try to reach the Stone one more time, only to be stopped by a Floatzel's Water Gun. By this point, it is clear that you wont be able to get that Stone without a fight.

You must have access to HM 03 Surf in order to attempt this challenge. If you wish to tackle this challenge, say so in the new thread you make when you enter the Route. This challenge is repeatable.

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