Weather Institute, invaded!

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Weather Institute, invaded! Empty Weather Institute, invaded!

Post by firewater on Tue Jun 22, 2010 7:59 pm

(Requirements: 5 Badges)

Reaching the Weather Institute, you notice multiple Team Magma members in the area. Now their mood towards you depends on your earlier activity, but either way, you have to stop them before you move on. At any rate, you have to drive them from the Weather Institute before they find and capture the mysterious weather Pokémon, Castform. It's rumored that the Scientists managed to evacuate all but one Castform, but seeing the small contient of Team Magma guards, you are forced to take care of them. Three battles are needed to rescue the place.

Team Magma Grunt 1:

Vulpix Lv.30
Shedninja Lv.32

Team Magma Grunt 2:

Graveler Lv.35
Golbat Lv.34
Slugma Lv.30

Team Magma Admin:

Torkoal Lv.36
Ninjask Lv.32
Gloom Lv.34

defeat all 3 to drive Team Magma from the Weather Institute, gaining a special prize and access to Fortree City


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