Heading Underground?

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Heading Underground?

Post by Insidious_Dreamer on Tue Jun 22, 2010 8:40 pm

Within Eterna City, there is a Man who is obsessed with the massive networks of caves under Sinnoh. He is such a fanatic that no-one actually calls him by his real name, they just know him as the Underground Man and he very much likes this nick-name. He stands tall and has a big gut, messy beard and a hearty laugh. Every so once in a while, he will take groups of people down to the underground where you will be able find a whole heap treasures that you might find useful.

Due to numbers restrictions, the Underground Man will only take no more than 9 people with him. Once down in the mines, you must stay together with two other people, and never stray on your own. You then work as a group to dig into the tunnel walls and try and find what you can within 50 updates. At the end, you can keep whatever you find, but of course if you only find one fossil in your time here, you will have to decide which of the three of you in the team gets to keep the fossil.

The Underground Man doesn't go down as often as you would think as he's a pretty old guy, so remember to check the News-Feed for when he is ready to take you down! Also, you will have to have an Explorer's Kit if you wish to be able to travel down there in the first place. When it is announced that he will be traveling underground, the first 9 people to make it to Eterna City, with an Explorer's Kit and post a response in this thread will be the ones going underground. If after three days of the announcement, there are less than 9 people, the Underground Man will take a few of his close friends and then leave for the underground. Make sure you don't miss the boat.

[u]Obtainable Items[/u]:
Skull Fossil
Armor Fossil
Blue Shard
Green Shard
Red Shard
Yellow Shard

[u]Special Obtainable Items[/u]: Only after having successfully completed a region
Root Foosil
Claw Fossil
Dome Fossil
Helix Fossil
Old Amber
Thunder Stone
Fire Stone
Leaf Stone
Water Stone

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