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Post by firewater on Sun Jun 27, 2010 3:56 pm

Walking into the store, you notice that with alarming speed, three girls appear in front of you, and you can smell plenty of berries all around, as many kinds exist in the store

"well hello there trainer, we don't get many visitors, but we do have some good things here- now we care for berries a lot, and don't charge much- so here's our stock- it changes continuously. Be sure to visit our grandparents, though we forget where their shop is..."

Berry List: (1-3 badges)

Oran Berry x 5 : 50 PokéDollars
Chesto Berry x 3 : 100 PokéDollars
Cheri Berry x 3 : 50 PokéDollars
Pecha Berry x 3 : 50 PokéDollars

After 5 Badges:
Leppa Berries x5 : 100 PokéDollars
Lum Berries x2 : 500 PokéDollars
Sitrus Berries x5 : 100 PokéDollars

Suddenly, as you leave the store, the youngest girl whispers to you.

"hey mister, here's a free berry- and this Wailmer Pail, we've got hundreds of them, so take it!"


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