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Route 110 Description Empty Route 110 Description

Post by firewater on Sun Jun 27, 2010 5:49 pm

Things work out well, as there are plentiful numbers in both wild Pokémon and trainers, but as you have no bike on your first travel through this region, you're forced to the grassy path. You see a large house, seems abandoned, but cleaned up, and a T shaped selection. One side, to the east shows more grass, a few more trainers, but lots of water, as well as a small cave, with many wires leading to Mauville City- that's simply "New Mauville" the local power plant. At any rate, going to the right leads to Mauville City. To the left is back towards home, as the small inlet there leads back to Oldale town, and a small cave nearby is strangely quiet. Meanwhile, the other route is back the way you came. You can watch the bikers from below, but until you get a bike, you can't do much to get up there. On either side, there's a rapidly scrawled note that states

"Fastest Time finished, 15.34 seconds"


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