Description of Meteor Falls

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Description of Meteor Falls

Post by firewater on Wed Jun 30, 2010 8:32 pm

This cave is majestic, large and for the most part well lighted for something of its stature. It's like a cave, so many Pokémon that like the dark live here. it's said that powerful Solrock and Lunatone guard catches of Sun and Moon stones, and that powerful dragon Pokémon live in the dark recesses, protected by a massive waterfall. At any rate, the starting room has a large lake, with said waterfall, various passages, and a small one to the east of where you start, it seems that this entrance leads to the outside, or a convinent shortcut made for easy travel between Lavaridge and Rustboro, though it's still a long walk. Many Pokémon exist, but you'll need Surf and Waterfall to find the rarer ones...


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