Old Rod Questing.

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Old Rod Questing. Empty Old Rod Questing.

Post by firewater on Wed Jun 30, 2010 9:52 pm

Reaching Dewford Town, you see an old man standing on the beach, and as you approach, he waves with the rod in his hand. Nearby you see a similar rod, and as he notices your staring, he grins before releasing two Pokémon, and as they burrow into the sand, he simply calls out to you.

"I've got 2 Pokémon in this here sand. defeat them, and tell me what they are, and I'll give you one of these here rods!"

Select 2 Pokémon to use for this challenge: also post here if you wish to take this challenge. The mystery Pokémon are equal leveled to those that you use to battle them.


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