Discovery in a strange place. Regice is availiable

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Discovery in a strange place. Regice is availiable Empty Discovery in a strange place. Regice is availiable

Post by firewater on Tue Jun 22, 2010 9:01 pm

Requirements: 6 Badges

A few months later, things seem a bit different as you meet the same Hiker from before in Dewford Cave.

"hello again kid, you look a bit stronger to deal with this problem, which I'm glad for. You see, the wild Pokémon are pretty angry, because the weather in here got suddenly cooler. I'm not sure what caused it, but the problem is that it's too cold for the Pokémon to survive normally, and some strange Ice types are appearing on the lower levels. Now there are about 5 levels we know of, but the issue isn't those, but the ones we don't know about. The fact is that I heard that a powerful legendary Pokémon had moved into these caves to escape contact. Now, I don't know what woke it up, but I know that it's causing many Pokémon to be displaced, and that isn't good."

So here's the deal- to find this strange Pokémon, Regice, and stop the damage it's caused to the Dewford Caves. Now it's about 5 levels below the most known traveled by humans, and various Ice type Pokémon have appeared in the tunnel, after the second level or so. Either way they are very territorial, and strong.

"Either way, I have a sneaking suspicion that it's a Regice down there, as there aren't many ice types that can do that kind of damage up close. Either way, it's strong- I know because I battled it. My Pokémon stood no chance at all, and that's why I know what's down there"

The Hiker interrupts, and sure enough, ice appears on his vest as you prepare to travel...

Boss Battle: Regice

Level: 40, or 10 levels higher than your strongest Pokémon, whichever is higher.

Victory with impressing Regice earns you a special prize.


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