Special Battle 7, hell it's the last straw here.

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Special Battle 7, hell it's the last straw here. Empty Special Battle 7, hell it's the last straw here.

Post by firewater on Mon Jun 07, 2010 10:47 pm

You're exhausted from traveling through the horrors of Victory Road, there's a nice healing station... SHIT IT"s A TRAP... ah too late.

"Well, it's good you see you kid, all three of us are ready for a rematch."

"Yeah, it'll suck if you lose here, and have to go all the way back."

"But either way, as your friendly, frustrated friends."


"I've got this Wally. Simple as this, it's 3 three vs. three battles against each of us. You can choose to heal at this machine, inbetween them. If you lose once, we apologize, but it's back to the start for you, and the definition of back to start, is teleporting you back to the start of Victory Road. Anyway, are you ready? Because we are coming at you full force!"

yeah, this is simple, your team is healed, it's 3 straight battles to finish off Victory Road. The challenges are tough, and everything you've worked for is in sight. However, they are not full of it. If you lose, you start Victory Road all over again, so good luck- other than money, your only prize is to go to the end of Victory Road. Godspeed good trainer, you'll need it.


Team Wally: (Random 2 + Gardevior)

(Always fight) Gardevior Lv.50

2 of these
Manelectric Lv.48
Flygon Lv.47
Duskinor Lv.47
Tentacruel Lv.49
Vileplume Lv.46

"Hmmph, you beat him, well try me for size!"
Team May: (Random 2 + Starter)

(Always Fight) Starter Lv.51

2 of these

Raichu Lv.47
Beautifly Lv.48
Salamence Lv.49
Ninetales/Azumarill/Belossom Lv.48
Azumarill/Ninetales/Belossom Lv.50

"Perhaps we were too lenient in allowing you to heal each time, but we didn't want to look even more like dicks to start with, and you can't get any excuses, I'd hate to do this when you're so close, but oh well."

Team Brendan (Random 2 + Starter)

(Always Fight) Starter Lv.52

2 of these
Magnezone Lv.49
Alakazam Lv.48
Roserade/Crawdaunt/Camerupt Lv.47
Crawdaunt/Roserade/Camerupt Lv.50
Dustox Lv.51


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