Special Battle 6: May's final stand

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Special Battle 6: May's final stand

Post by firewater on Mon Jun 07, 2010 11:01 pm

(Requirements: 6 Badges)

After taking a long time to get to Lilycove city, you see the sights, heal your pokemon and want to stock up on some items, however, you've been blocked from getting in by an irate May.

"Listen friend, I think that we should have a battle to see how much you've improved- if you win I'll let you in, if not... well tough luck."

Unfortunately for you she's serious, as for whatever reason you can't duck past her Beautifly's Psychic to get inside. Either way, you resign yourself to the battle, and as she shouts out that it's a 5 vs 5 battle, all you can do is groan.

Pkmn Trainer May's Team

Starter (Lv.40)
Beautifly Lv.37
Pikachu Lv.38
Gloom/Vulpix/Azumarill Lv.39
Gloom/Vulpix/Azumarill Lv.38

Prize- money, getting into the Lilycove Pokemart, and something else.


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