Pokémon Revolution - Hoenn and Sinnoh
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The adventure REALLY begins.

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The adventure REALLY begins. Empty The adventure REALLY begins.

Post by Poke_Hunter Fri Jan 07, 2011 2:36 pm

You finally got around the mishaps trying to get yourself a new partner Pokémon, managed to beat Barry, and now it's on to bigger and better things! You step into the grasses ahead, looking to try and get further north, and no sooner do you take that step you hear a mysterious voice. "Hey you! Yes, you there with the funny look on your face. I've got something to show you." she says. You look up, and see the girl who's wearing a pink mini-skirt, a small black dress over the top, followed by pink almost knee-high boots and the cutest white beanie you've seen in a while. She has an inviting face and you move to talk with her.

In order to proceed through Route 202 you must first deal with this girl. Who could she be? Post a new thread to begin.

Hunter ran out onto the route, knowledge of his new scans embedded in his head. Or they would be when he checked them a little later. He took a deep breath in, filling his lungs with air, and bolted forward, embracing adventure, battles, and possible new friends. He could feel the air on his face. He could hear the sounds of nature around him. He could see the ground rapidly approaching. Wait, what?


Hunter picked himself up. So that's how Barry felt when he faceplanted. He shook himself off, and heard a noise. "Hmm... GO, CUPID!" He said, sending out his rather batty new companion. "Who's there?" He asked with a slightly faltering hint of confidence. He listened harder. The noise... it was like... hysterical laughter? He watched as a young girl came into view. "She must be the professor's assistant." He thought. The girl said...


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